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Sentinel Dual (High Power)


Technical sheet : Sentinel Dual (High Power)


• possibility of installation on the ground (tower version) or in a cabinet (rack version) simply by pulling and rotating the synoptic panel (using the key supplied)

• filtered, stabilized and reliable voltage (On Line double conversion technology (VFI according to EN50091-3 regulation) with filters for the suppression of atmospheric disturbances

• very low noise (<40dBA): for installation in any type of environment thanks to digitally controlled ventilation depending on the applied load and the use of an inverter with high switching frequency (> 20kHz, higher value at the threshold of audibility)

• possibility of connection to an external maintenance bypass with uninterrupted switching (SLD500-600 models)

• in addition to the On Line mode, possibility of selecting other operating modes: - Active Mode to increase efficiency (up to 98%) - Economy Mode: allows you to select Line Interactive (VI) technology to supply insensitive loads from the network. The function is programmable by software or manually configurable by the UPS - Smart Active: the UPS autonomously decides the operating mode (VI or VFI) depending on the quality of the network - Emergency mode: the UPS can be selected to operate only in the event of a power failure (mode recommended for safety signals)

• operation on frequency converter (50 or 60Hz)

• selectable output voltage (220-230-240V) single-phase or (380-400-415) three-phase

• auto-restart (automatic as soon as the network returns, programmable by software)

• By-pass on: when the machine is stopped, it automatically operates on by-pass and batteries are charging

• shutdown due to minimum load

• end of discharge notice

• delayed start-up.

• on the 5 and 6 kVA models it is also possible to program two 10A output sockets (PowerShare function) in the event of a network failure

• high quality of the output voltage even under distortion loads (IT loads with a crest factor of up to 3: 1)

• load rephasing: UPS input cosphi close to 1 and sinusoidal current absorption

• total control by microprocessor

• automatic bypass without interruption

• use of IMS modules (Insulated Metallic Substrates)

• states, measurements, alarms available on standard backlit display

• digital update of the UPS (flash upgradable)

• high battery reliability (automatic and manual battery test)

• reduced ripple component (harmful for batteries) thanks to the "LRCD" system (Low Ripple Current Discharge)

• possibility of replacement of the batteries by the user, without stopping the device or the power supply to the load (Hot Swap)

• extension of unlimited autonomy thanks to dedicated Battery Boxes with modular aesthetics

• the batteries do not intervene in the event of a power outage <40msec (high hold up time) and in the presence of large differences in the input voltage (from 84V to 276V)

• input protection by means of a thermal circuit breaker that can be reset

• standard back-feed protection: to avoid energy returns to the network

• high short-circuit current on bypass

• high overload capacity: 150% on the inverter (also in the absence of a network)

• guaranteed characteristics up to 40 ° C

• manual switching to bypass

• availability of 2 IEC type output sockets with thermal protection (DLD5-6kVA).


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