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NextEnergy NXE


Technical sheet : NextEnergy NXE


NextEnergy is the latest series of inverters designed for mission critical applications. The three-phase UPS offers transformerless double conversion technology conforming to VFI SS 111 standard, with integrated three-level IGBT design.
NextEnergy is designed to meet the energy needs of tomorrow, ensuring high efficiency and reduced operating costs. Thanks to the Efficiency Control System (ECS), NextEnergy also guarantees the highest yields, even at partial loads.
Its unity power factor and easy system upgrade make it the ideal solution for the business continuity of any IT application.

Exceptional performance

  • State-of-the-art NextEnergy series technology and careful selection of high-quality, high-reliability components contribute to first-class performance, such as unit power factor (kW = kVA) and the ability to drive capacitive loads , very common in data centers, without any drop in power up to 40 ° C.

  • Outstanding system efficiency of up to 97% in ON LINE double conversion mode, increasing to 98.5% in ACTIVE ECO mode and 99% in STANDBY mode.

  • The UPS design uses a forced ventilation method to extract the heat produced by internal components. Particular attention has been paid to ensure a better operational level and a better lifespan. This is thanks to the automatic control of the fan speed which adapts continuously according to the load, to the alarm in the event of fan failure and to the redundancy of the ventilation.

  • ACTIVE ECO: in this operating mode, the bypass supplies the active power while the inverter module supplies the reactive part of the load. This guarantees a maximum level of efficiency (reduced operating cost) and, in the meantime, an input power factor of the inverter close to unity, regardless of the power factor of the load. In addition, the operation of the inverter considerably reduces the harmonic content (THDi) applied to the mains. NextEnergy, in ACTIVE ECO mode, eliminates the need for expensive power factor correction systems and reduces energy costs.

Smart Battery Management (SBM)

The battery is one of the most important parts of the UPS which guarantees energy and, therefore, correct operation in the event of a mains failure. NextEnergy incorporates all the latest features to extend battery life and ensure efficient operation, while alerting users to any potential issues.
The variety of charging methods and the intelligent control system (ECS) allow the use of the most common type of battery and technologies available in the market such as VLRA, AGM, GEL, NiCd, as well as lithium batteries- ion, supercaps and flywheels.

Operation without neutral

NextEnergy can work with or without the neutral connection. This characteristic is important to reduce the TCO (total cost of management) of the distribution system when the neutral is created by an isolation transformer close to the load: for example, in a modern data center, or when the neutral is not used at all. The major advantage is the reduction in the cost of the distribution arrangements.

Ease of installation

NextEnergy guarantees reduced space requirements and flexible installation:

  • The small cabinet footprint and full front access for all maintenance activities ensure maximum space for installation and service.

  • NextEnergy incorporates top and bottom cable entry as standard, eliminating the need for an expensive additional cabinet with top entry.

  • Front-to-top ventilation eliminates the need for additional rear space.

Maximum reliability and availability

The NextEnergy UPS can be connected in parallel with up to 8 units to increase capacity or add redundancy (N + 1).
Whereas a typical load can vary from 20 to 80%, the Efficiency Control System (ECS) function optimizes the operating efficiency of the entire system based on the power drawn by the load. This ensures superior overall efficiency under all load conditions. The Hot System Expansion (HSE) function makes it possible to add a UPS to an existing system, without having to switch off the UPS already in service or switch them to bypass mode. This guarantees maximum protection of the load, even during maintenance and expansion of the system. Maximum availability is guaranteed - even if the control cable is interrupted in parallel, the system is “FAULT TOLERANT”. It is not affected by connection cable failures and continues to supply the load without interruption, signaling the anomaly with an alarm.

Advanced communication

NextEnergy has a 7 inch (800 x 480 pixel) touch screen display that provides UPS data, measurements, voltage, current waveforms, operating states and alarms in different languages.
The default screen displays the status of the UPS, graphically indicating the status of various elements (rectifier, batteries, inverter, bypass). On the other hand, the screen is used for configuration and definition of UPS parameters, with 3 levels of the security password depending on the authorization level.

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