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Multi Power


Technical sheet : Multi Power


Award-winning Multi Power is a modular, compact and powerful UPS (MPW and MPX) that sets new standards in reliability, efficiency and scalability.

To ensure the highest levels of energy availability and optimize overall performance, Multi Power modules use the latest technology components. Incorporating specific designs for some of them thought for maximum optimization. Rather than using standard components readily available in the market, the Multi Power houses a single optimized and reliable power supply.

Multi Power provides a complete and easy to integrate power protection solution. The end user can easily increase the power, level of redundancy and battery life by simply adding additional UPS (PM) power modules and battery units (BU).

Three different cabinets are available to build the system:

- Inverter cabinet (MPW and MPX)
- Battery cabinet (BTC).

The level of power supply and redundancy of the available UPS can extend vertically by:

  • 15 to 75 kW

  • 25 to 125 kW

  • 42 to 294 kW

Up to four full UPS cabinets can be paralleled, which will increase power capacity including redundancy.

The entire Multi Power solution has been developed with particular care to ensure operational reliability and avoid possible breakdowns.

The inverter part is controlled by three microprocessors - each with different and specific functions. Likewise, it includes two separate microprocessors: one to regulate the overall operation of the inverter and another to manage communication with the user. All major components are continuously temperature monitored in each of the power modules. The battery unit also contains dedicated internal protection and a sophisticated control system to monitor the status of each module.

A large touchscreen control panel (7 inch LCD) allows user-friendly communication. The UPS is fully compatible with Riello UPS's range of network communication software, which allows monitoring and shutdown of all connected devices.

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