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Master MPS


Technical sheet : Master MPS



Master MPS makes the supply of UPS from MV / LV generator sets and transformers simpler and more efficient, reducing power losses in the system and coils, correcting the power factor and eliminating the current harmonics created by loads supplied by the UPS.
In addition, the progressive starting of the rectifier (power walk-in) and the possibility of reducing the charging currents of the batteries make it possible to reduce the absorption of the input current. This means less demand on the source, which is especially useful when the source is a generator.


As a general rule, the accumulator batteries are kept charged by the rectifier; in the absence of mains power, the UPS uses this energy source to power its devices. Battery management is therefore fundamental to ensuring the operation of the uninterruptible power supply in emergency conditions. Battery Care System is a series of functions and services which allow accumulator batteries to be managed in order to obtain the best performance and extend their operating life.

Master MPS is also compatible with different battery technologies: sealed lead-acid, VRLA AGM, gel, Nest, flywheel, Super caps and lithium.


Master MPS is suitable for any type of application, from information technology to the most demanding industrial environments. Thanks to the wide range of accessories and options, it is possible to realize complex configurations and architectures, to guarantee the highest power availability, with the option of adding a new UPS without interruption to an installation. existing.


Parallel distributed or centralized up to 8 units for redundant parallel (N + 1) or power. The parallel of modal having different powers is possible. Greater availability even in the event of an interruption in the parallel bus cable: the system is "FAULT TOLERANT", it does not suffer any failure in the connection cables, while continuing to supply the load without any break in continuity and signaling by an alarm the anomaly which has arisen.


  • SKU - UPS Group Synchronizer
    Allows 2 or more UPS not in parallel to remain synchronized, even in the absence of a network. The UGS also allows a Riello UPS to be synchronized with another independent power source of different power.

  • PSJ - Parallel Systems Joiner
    Allows two groups of UPS to be connected in parallel while operating, in the event of maintenance (without interrupting the output), using a power coupling switch. If one of the UPSs of one of the groups in parallel fails, it is automatically excluded. The PSJ connects the rest of the UPSs to the other parallel group via an external bypass, in order to continue to guarantee load redundancy.


The UPS can be adapted to your requirements. Consult TEC for offers and feasibility of “specific solutions”, and options not present in the catalog.

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