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Master HP


Technical sheet : Master HP



The Master HP series also has the advantages of the “Zero Impact Source” formula, provided by the IGBT rectifier. It eliminates the problems associated with installation in networks with low power supply capacity, where the UPS is supplied by a generator set or in cases where there are compatibility problems with loads generating harmonics current. The Master HP series UPS have zero impact on the power supply, whether it is a supply from the network or from a generator:

  • input current distortion less than 3%;

  • input power factor of 0.99;

  • "power walk-in" function which guarantees a gradual starting of the rectifier;

  • "Start-up delay" function to restart the rectifiers when the mains power is restored if several UPSs are in the system.


The Master HP Series utilizes a set of features to extend battery life and reduce battery usage, such as different charging methods, full discharge protection, current limiting, and temperature-dependent voltage compensation. battery ambient.


Master HP UPSs have an output isolation transformer (triangle / zig zag type) integrated into the UPS circuit, inside the UPS cabinet, providing galvanic isolation from the load to the UPS. battery and greater versatility for system configuration.


  • High efficiency up to 99.4% (in STANDBY ON mode);

  • Compact dimensions: eg. only 0.85 m² for the Master HP 250 kVA;

  • Reduced weight for transformer based UPS;

  • Double load protection, electronic and galvanic, towards the battery.

The entire Master HP range is suitable for a wide variety of applications. With the flexibility features of the configurations, accessories and options available, it is able to power capacitive loads such as blade servers rather than motor drivers or any other critical vertical application.

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